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Dan Ashton            

New project !!!  (video and audio content to follow as things progress)                        

An 'untypical songwriter' with a set of songs rich in contrast.  With folk, rock, classical and jazz influences and the soul of a folk balladeer behind much of it.   Vibrant songs some with pathos (but affirmation), performed with energy and passion.

Newly performing Dan Ashton is somewhat known as the man behind Ash Keys Music promotions in Bristol.  Also he has tour booked for This Is The Kit, Rory McLeod, Michelle Shocked, Robin Williamson, Tir na nOg and others.

Dan accompanies himself on guitar and keyboard and has a band line up in development.

Some songs tell stories such as his folk epic about a Duchess put to death for blushing in her portrait to his song  'Sharing Chauffeurs' drawn from a time doing tour managing a diva looking back on her glory days in the music business when she used to hang out with the Cher.  'David' is a sweet sad song about the loss of a child. 'True Love Dancehall' is his attempt at writing the long lost Cole Porter song.


Videos shot at Bath Folk Club new shoots night

Though well versed in songwriting, the performance side of Dan Ashton is relatively new so he's looking for good opportunities to grow his sound so please get in touch if you like what you hear.
Please go to the Dan Ashton web site for a list of previous and upcoming performances and to sample the music.   

or call 07855 826 228 for more info 









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