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Kid Carpet 

Generally available for venues and festivals both as solo performer and with family shows

Kid Carpet uses Casio keyboards, cardboard, sellotape and shouting to make peculiar punk folk disco music.

After releasing three albums and performing both nationally and internationally Kid Carpet has begun making theatre, composing music for others and has also presented a television programme for the BBC.

A champion of the lost and broken, Kid Carpet likes to use found sounds and objects which have been left behind by popular culture and attempts to turn them into superheros, repackaging them so that their simple beauty and innocence can be rediscovered.

Blast Off! is Kid Carpet’s second theatre show for children and families.

Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals has toured comprehensively and involves video projection, a live rock gig and a stage invasion/dance contest.

Listen to Blast Off here Blast Offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Kids and Grown up shows available for festivals and venues

Contact Dan at dan (at) 07855 826 228

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